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Fortune teller – Paper game

Do you remember,

When we were kids and we played a game of paper manufacturing? Looking at the various sites I found out that this game is called fortune teller. It is very simple, easy and fast to play and all you need is a square of paper and a pencil. And for you my lovely readers, I have prepared two files to try your luck. The first is filled with my own “rules”, while the second one is left blank for you to fill it yourself.

Fortune-teller by Dreams and Craft


Fortune teller blank


Moreover I searched the internet and found, because i do not remember, how to fold the paper. The picture below will show you the right way to fold the paper, because it is the secret and the beauty of the game.


And a few words about how the game is played …… One player holds the fortune teller and one teammate selects a color. The player with the fortune teller opens and closes the top down, left, right in line with the spelling of the color word. After that, the teammate selects one number from the four triangles, reads what is written below and does so


Have fun

Tip: The folding of the paper is the white page facing towards you and the projects downward.

The image used for folding paper is from page The christmas tree farm.


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