DIY · With Yarn

Yarn flowers

I have made days ago a beautiful bouquet of flowers and I have placed in a small jar. What prototype you will think, but these flowers stay forever blooming, decorate your room and do not need watering 🙂 How did i made them? Initially I made the flower with wool, using the round loom. For the body I used wire and glued one end in the center of the flower. For the other side I made a spiral so as the wire not to extend.

After that I cut two more small wire pieces and glued to the body to make the sheets. In order not to appear i clothed them with felt in green color. I cut for each leaf two pieces of felt and glued to the filament, as following felt-wire-felt. For the second leaf i followed the same procedure. I also had a small bottle in my drawer. I clothed it with yarn and in orange color. As you see i really like the colors: D  Finally i glued two beads which i had in a shape of a flower and I put the yarn flowers inside.

I tried and made more flowers in other colors and now they all decorate my office. Tip: If you want instead of metal wire you can use pipe wire.

Good luck !!!


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