DIY · With Popsicle sticks

Popsicle stick doll – Mrs Winter

Happy new year to you all.

Are you ready to enter 2016 dynamically with a new construction? Yes? So the first construction for this year is a Popsicle stick doll , Mrs. Winter . The construction is easy and you will need ice cream sticks , felt in a color of your choice and ribbon in a lace pattern. For small details you can use button and thread .

Instructions :

Place one stick at the center and one stick left and one stick right. Glue them . This way you build the body and the legs . If the sticks for the legs are long enough, shorten them by cutting the edge that will be covered with cloth . To make the hands, cut a stick in half and diagonally and attach it to the body .


For the skirt , i wrapped the lace around the waist of the doll , then I cut and glued . For the blouse I followed the same technique and made two small holes in the felt for the hands to pass. I put two sequins for decoration. The hair is from sewing thread and the hat is made from a simple button.

For more information you can watch the famous video.




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