DIY · With Popsicle sticks

Popsicle stick “piggy” bank


Good morning !!!

As a child i never had a piggy bank. I remember storing my money in a wallet or in a jar. So i decided to make a piggy bank using Popsicle Sticks. I also tried to make the construction reusable, which means that you can take you money at any time without having to crack the piggy bank.

The “body” of the piggy bank :

It is cube-shaped and constructed like the Popsicle stick house . If you don’t remember it you can do the following….put 11 sticks horizontal one below the other and attach vertically to the edge of the sticks 1 stick left and 1 stick right . This procedure is repeated 3 more times. Once you have 4 total pieces glue them so as to form a cube .

The top of the piggy bank :

Place 11 sticks in sequence one below the other . Select the middle stick and measure how many centimeters you need to cut , to make a hole large enough for a bill or a coin to pass . After that glue vertically to the edges 1 stick left and 1 stick right.

The bottom of the piggy bank :

The bottom of the piggy bank has a lid that “slips”, which means it opens and closes so as to get your savings from the inside of the piggy bank.To make it you will have to do the following: glue sticks left-right-up-down.Continue the procedure until you have reached the desired height ( it normally takes 2 to 3 rows). Then glue sticks only left and right. It is advisable to stick maximum up to 3 sticks left and right, so as the cap abuts the rest of the box.Finally continue the procedure normally, i.e. glue sticks left-right-up-down and that’s it. Fill any gaps with extra Popsicle sticks.

And because as I have said before 1 picture = 1000 words watch the famous video for more information.

Happy crafting!!!

 Popsicle stick piggy bank


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