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Easter basket made with clay


Good morning!!!

We are in the middle of spring, with the temperature rising dangerously and getting ready for the celebration of Easter . In this Easter mood is my new construction , and my anxiety hit red whether i would have time to publish it . Eventually I managed it!!!

The materials needed for this construction is clay and fake grass . The clay may be either one that is dried alone or is baked. The process is simple. Cut pieces of clay and shape it so as to make strips. Take strips in pairs, hold a solid edge and begin turning the other edge . The strips are woven with one another. Make 3-4 such strips. Now to make the basket, you form a circle with the strips you made. Add another from above and generally you can make your basket as tall as you want.

To make the handle of the basket, repeat the process with the strips. Once you made the strip stick it in your basket with some water. To prevent the handle from falling, until it dries, put a toothpick holder. Then smooth the surface with a little water and allow the whole structure to dry or bake according instructions. Until your basket dries, you have time to do 4-5 eggs, not boiled, but made with clay 🙂 Your construction is almost ready. The final touch is to put in the basket a little grass, add the eggs and voila !!!

Happy Easter!!!!


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