DIY · With Popsicle sticks

Popsicle stick Jewelery Box

Good morning!!

How are you doing?  We have summer in a few days and i am sooo happy. Sun, colors , ideas , changes … And there I was in my bed, slowly opening my eyes and there came the idea !!! The truth is that Popsicle sticks suit me well . Boxes , houses , frames , piggy bank … Now and a jewellery box !!!

For the construction you will need colorful Popsicle sticks            (because we need color in our life) and glue. The basic idea is to build a cube, the same as the Popsicle stick house , and inside the cube on the left and on the right side there will be brackets for the drawers to stand. These colorful drawers are perfect to store bracelets , rings , earrings and any other small jewellery you want.

The cube:

For the construction of the cube place 11 sticks horizontally one below the other. Glue perpendicularly and at the edge 1 stick on the left and 1 stick on the right. Make another 3 such tiles (do not know how else to call it). In two of these tiles glue on the edge and outwards another one stick on the left side and on the right side. This will give an “air” in the structure so as the drawers to move with ease. The tiles that have extra Popsticle sticks  will form the base and the sealing of the cube. Attach all tiles in order to construct a cube.

Drawers :

Manufactured as the tiles above. Just add some details to the drawers. For the first drawer cut small sticks and glue them in order to make small inner squares. For the second drawer i glued Popsicle sticks perpendicular to the drawer.

Props :

Inside the cube  glue Popsicle sticks vertically to the tiles . Two left and two right. Tip : Stick studs first on one side . Take the drawers set them to the props and with a pencil mark where the props on the opposite side should be. They should be straight . ( I made several attempts to glue them by guessing, by using a ruler , but for some reason all failed except it) 🙂

for more information watch the famous video that explains better …..


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