DIY · With Paper

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Just a little bit before the beginning of September, the month that students begin school lessons, activities and mams know what more, here i am. The truth is that I have returned from my vacation days before, but I was still in a holiday mood . Swimming, relaxing, reading novels, going for walks,  these were my main activities, so i couldn’t find time  for crafting ….I hope you can forgive me….

But here i am now ready for crafting!!!!

So i am going to be good with you, i am starting with something simple, because i don’t want you battered. This project is a paper craft 2 in 1. To be more specific, it is a box which shows the months and can be used as a calendar but also as a storage space for pins, fasteners and other small objects, that always get lost when you need them the most.

The only things that you will need is crafting paper, scissors and glue. Print the templates, cut, fold and glue. It is so easy!!!

To print the templates press here and here

Happy crafting!!!


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