Tips and Tricks

Did you Know

Searching the internet I saw some videos with tricks and tricks that can make our everyday life easier. I admit i had not imagined many of them and other I used the wrong way. Let’s see them shall we?

  1. The paper packaging juices have sides, when opened the packages have better balance.
  2. Most pots have a hole in the handle. This is to mount the ladles.
  3. The ladles of pasta have a hole in the middle. This is to calculate a pasta portion to boil.
  4. The boxes of soft drinks have rings. After opening the refreshment turn the ring at 180 degrees and place the straw. The straw remains in place, it is magic … ha ha

  5. When you want to add or remove keys from your keyring use anti stapler to open the spiral – wire and with your hand slowly remove or put keys.


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