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A vase with dried flowers

Hello friends of Dreams and Craft.

My dear friends, I forgot to tell you that on 28th of October I went to Ioannina for hiking. Why interests you this information?  Right. I just want to share with you my source of inspiration for my new construction. So i went to Ioannina. Besides the incredible beauty of the landscape, “Bikos” for ever, I was able to gather some local small apples and 2-3 sprigs of dogwood, “Krano”,  if I am not mistaken the name. When I returned to Athens drained them and I was thinking what to do with them.

And here it is


A small round glass jar and some small white stones highlight even more what nature gives us generously. And the details of the construction (because i don’t want to leave you disappointed) are as follows:

Wash and wipe well the jar. Pour liquid glue on the bottom and throw small stones. Add the sprigs and the apples.I did a sauciness, I stuck the small apple and i glued the twigs so as not to move. And now adorns our living room.

That’s all for today, i hope you like it and fix it.It fits with the holiday season approaching, don’t you think!!!



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