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Hama Beads X.mas ornaments

Hello my dear readers.

How are you doing? Decorating for Christmas? I have decorated my room with a small doll tree and i have placed all those “regional” Christmas ornaments. These are a Santa Claus, a wreath of pine cones, small angels, bells and some small houses with glitter. And since I have started preparing gifts for my friends, I thought to  give them handmade ornaments. So I looked at my supplies and I discovered the Hama Beads. My first attempt came out pretty good and I present it to you.

For the construction you will need plastic beads (Hama Beads) in green, red and yellow color, grease proof paper and a steam iron.

For the Christmas tree:

I used 142 green beads and 10 red beads.

In a large square frame insert beads as seen at the picture below. Place grease proof paper on top and iron. When the tree is ready (beads have melted enough and are stuck together), remove it from the frame slowly and carefully, because it is hot. If you want, you can turn the tree upside down, place grease proof paper on top and iron.



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